Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Graduation 2013

Hey all, just a general update on my current life. After studying art, design and fashion for almost 5 years, I can now say I am a graduate! My graduation day was on the 19th July.. a beautiful sunny day spent with my family, my boyfriend and my friends. I wore a light pink knee-length dress from Ted Baker, the embroidery caught my eye and I just wanted to buy it instantly! The heels were from New Look for a fairly good price of £15.

I am sad to see that my education and student life has finally come to an end but I know that fashion, art and design is always going to be around wherever and whatever I end up doing in the future.

Charity fashion show

Saturday, 15 June 2013

developing the collection


Intricate detailing is key to my designs, along with an eye for detail and an emphasis on high quality
fabric. The collection is based on bridal gowns that combine Western and Chinese influences, using
inspiration from the traditional Chinese bridal gown and the white wedding dress, the collection is
contemporised and made for modern women.