Friday, 7 January 2011

outfit post

Here I am wearing F21 skirt I got from LA, Aldo bag, Boots from Office (It took me ages to decide the colour from Black or the one im wearing!), Leather jacket from house of fraser, Tights from Lipsy, Ring from Miss selfridge and Lace jumper given by my bf.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

previous work

It's Not the best of pictures but I have snapped up some photo's of a few of my favourite pieces of work I had done during college and foundation. I also have an upcoming interview in London in a couple of weeks so I need to update my portfolio of current work, So in the next few days I hope to get revision done and more garments made. Wish me luck and let me know what you think of my work!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Illustrator work

As part of my digital design project in first semester we were asked to complete a 22 page booklet on patterns and designs using illustrator. I'm not a huge illustrator fan (find the pen tool to be very annoying), and much prefer photoshop because I use it more often for editing photo's. 
But here is how I got on with mr adobe illustrator; 
Above, is one of the first pages I had done using Illustrator, We were told to design a collage to advertise a certain brand. I decided to do Haute couture because I had an idea of what I wanted the theme, style and colour to be like.
Above, we had to design our own logo and hood, I had used soft pastel colours for a girly theme and designed the hood to be loose but fitted for a casual look. I had designed three individual logo's with my favourite being logo 1.
We then had to draw out three designs, first design is a tank top, second is a t-shirt with short sleeves and the third, a long sleeved top, these tops had to incorporate a logo design on each one.  
Above is my own design on a Shirt front and back, as you can see it has two breast pockets, a classic straight point collar, concealed front fastenings, and a fitted bodice.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy new year :)

Happy new year to everyone out there, I hope that the new year brings you happiness and all your resolutions come true! I had a lovely new years eve, I went out with my b/f and some friends and have a slight hangover from it.
My new years resolution is to;

1. Save up money. Don't buy things I don't need

2. Do more regular blog posts.More outfit posts

3. Don't leave things last minute- be more organised

4. Pass my driving before my birthday (2 more months to be precise)

5. Update my wardrobe, throw away the clothes I don't wear and buy less dresses

6. Develop my Chinese spoken language 

7. Do more sewing!  

8. Learn new recipes and cook a 3 course meal for his family 

9. Secure an internship for a year, preferably design internship or merchandising

But before any of these can be completed, I need to complete my dissertation. I'm currently in the process of thinking about what to write for my 20th century fashion dissertation and have no clue on how to start on it. I need to focus on 2 specific fashion decades in the 20th century fashion. Any ideas? I was thinking of writing about the change of fashion before the first world war and comparing that to the swinging sixties, so I would be discussing how woman were once dressed with corsets and dressed to show there status. But how the era changed with the influences of drugs, sex and rock and roll.
Or my friend had given me an idea of writing about how fashion has been used to exploit the figure, so I would be discussing and debating about how the mini skirt had become shorter, the use of corset and the flapper dress.
If I write about any of the above, I really don't want to miss out any important details from that decade or subject, so does any of you know anything else that I can include?
I need to get this project done in less than 5 days and on top of that I need to carry on with my revision on marketing, so stressed! Does any of you have anything to do before going back to university/ college?