Thursday, 19 August 2010

Spanish revival

The Spanish culture is proving a strong influence on spring/ summer 2010 trends.

Romantic ruffles dominate for dresses, with bold and rich colours and decorating necklines and embellishments creating construction and a layered format. The elegantly modern dresses are kept low key with minimal accessories, the focus is made from the soft volume and shape accentuating the waist and hips.

The gleaming Velvet is worked into a contemporary bustier dress shape for the ultimate party frock, whilst viscose and silk is gives the most luxurious and high shine option giving a feminine summer look.

Monday, 16 August 2010

KG new flagship opens!

The summer holiday to me lasts about half a year, but really in reality it is only about 3 months. I Hoover the carpet, I clean my wardrobe, I clean the kitchen, I dust, scrub and clean every inch of my apartment. Once I have played the 1950’s happy housewife, I sit on the couch with a nice hot cup of chocolate topped with marshmallows and watch sex and the city over again. There are still 2 more weeks to fill, then I go on my very anticipated holiday to L.A the land of Celebrity and beaches and the Vancouver islands to meet my b/f aunt and uncle that I have never met before! Do you know anywhere nice to visit in L.A?

I’ve spent the morning reading about the newly open premium footwear KG store in Covent Garden in London. I haven’t been myself but it is without doubt a store I would visit if I am ever in London, The range of footwear for Women is stretched and includes platform stiletto’s, straightforward courts, lattice-front stiletto’s, ballet pumps (which is displayed in a mirrored, open fronted cube) in a vast array of colours, patterns and finishes. Sounds very sexy? yes.

Not only this, but the store will offer 1000 different styles including men and women’s own brand and a selection of other labels.

The store appeal is not to be missed! A lot of innovative designs, on the walls everything is mirrored and on the ground floor is the shoe chandelier – a large overhead lighting fixture ornamented with an array if current footwear trends- A polished performance. p.s.. how is kurt geiger suppose to be pronounced?.. 'kurt gay gar??' 'kurt jey gar??' O.o

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Burlesque themed corset, I designed and completed this for part of my foundation course; with inspirations from ‘Marie Antoinette’ and historical garments I came to form a highly ornamented and lavish corset. I used a combination of Satin and lace trimmings and a mix of decorative beads, and for the ruched shoulder pads, I had used beads, buttons and lace giving a luxuriant pile effect and an enhanced femininity.
The colour palette includes soft pastel shades of crème, white, silver and gold.
The silhouette is very stiff because of the boning, very difficult to sew into!
Hope you all like it? (click on the pictures for a larger view)

Xxx Winnie

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Shoe fever

Okay. So these are some of the shoes I had taken with me to University, unfortunately I share a very small shoe stand with my bf so the rest of my shoes are back at home with my parents (probably gathering dust).

Not much here really! I have been meaning to invest in some more heels, but I find them really difficult to wear casually in the day. Right now, I am looking for some more gladiators, sandals, clogs and mid heels… do any of you have favourite shoes you would like to share with me?

And a big thank you for all your comments, I appreciate them lots!!

Xxx Winnie

Monday, 2 August 2010

The fashion business

Being a Draper’s subscriber, I get all the latest fashion news and essentials I need for every season, including the season’s hottest trends and all the insight into fresh designers and brands.

It’s exciting to receive the magazine weekly (although I steer clear from the pages which list sales and trading news as it bores me with the percentages) I adore reading the reviews on independent retailers (also known as Indies), current high street stores (including previews and openings), catwalks and the latest trends!

I would highly recommend every single one of you guys to get this bible, otherwise, why not visit there site if you haven’t done so already…

Sorry the images are slightly on the darker side, my scanner isn't working so i had to take the pictures instead!.. hope you like them though cause i sure do! xxx Winnie