Sunday, 29 April 2012

tailoring- the boy-ish look

(TOPSHOP unique blazer, Thrifted Sheer draped top, TOPSHOP harem, homemade tie, ASOS chelsea boot)

After doodling around in the Topshop sales rack I had finally found something I was after- a pastel coloured blazer, all the sizes I was hoping to find had all been gone and I was left with the ones that didn't fit. After a few minutes of pondering I had decided to give up and luck hit me in the head- right behind all the beautiful mess of clothes I had found what I had been searching for!
This is one of my favourite looks, I wore everything bar the tie and felt that there was something missing, a piece of accessory. And so I added the tie- I think it makes a huge difference, it adds a hint of colour at the top to make the bottom part more balanced, if that makes sense.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


(Wearing ASOS midi dress and slip, H&M lace vest, Warehouse knitted cardigan, GAP long sleeve knit, Belt from Carnaby Street, ASOS chelsea boot, TOPSHOP  trilby hat and Louis Vuitton holdall)

This midi dress is very addictive to wear, the loose fit works well as it means I can wear layer on top of layer. Perfect for this constant change in weather.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

wedding bells

My brother Cuong got married to Rachael on September 23rd. The wedding was held in Pittville Pump Room a beautiful venue in Gloucester. The wedding was a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures which made the day very special and unique. The wedding was modern and fresh and had a lot of homemade details which everyone got involved with. I loved the hints of Turquoise and the theme of Silver, the table plan with letters on each table and homemade flowers, Chinese lanterns suspended from the ceiling and decoration throughout.I was luckily enough to be the bridesmaid, we wore a dusky grey dress bought from Coast and shoes bought from Debenhams. The brides dress was from Alfred Sung and the traditional red wedding dress from London China town.

The day of the wedding started off with the traditional Chinese custom of the groom collecting the bride at her house with the need of carrying out a series of silly tasks (may be known as door games). The groom and his best men had a few surprising tasks to carry out such as to drink out of baby bottles, these bottles were filled with unusual mixtures of drinks (worst was probably the curry powder and coke). Another job was to pass on Maltesars from one mouth of a best man to the other. The girls definitely found this amusing!
It was the bridesmaids plan of making sure all these tasks were carried out fully and that the Groom was very much involved because this proved the grooms love for the bride.

The day involved a lot of laughter and tears (my brothers very emotional speech), the balloon release after the ceremony was extremely creative and the Chinese tea ceremony (where the bride and groom have to kneel down in front of their elders and serve them Chinese tea as a sign of respect and in return receive a red envelope or jewellery) was something diverse for many of Rachael's family members but thoroughly enjoyed.

Pictures shown are from S6Photography

To all fashionista students out there in the UK, a date to pencil into your diary is the Thursday 26th April 4pm-8pm. Bullring in Birmingham has teamed up with some of our favourite shops to bring us some exclusive student discounts, offers and indoor entertainment! 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

bathing in the sun

For my birthday my boyfriend had taken me to Bath, a stunning city in the county of Somerset. Bath is very well known for its Roman Spa's, Theatres and antique shops.
I was very spoilt that day and had an amazing birthday present in the form of a full days spa package with full use of outdoor pools, the Jacuzzi, sauna's, steam rooms, ice room as well as a full body massage.I Could not have asked for more perfect weather that day, the sunshine that makes you want to do a million things at once! On the day I wore a beige 3/4 length dress- It is one of my favourite things I've baught this year, it can be teamed up with anything from a vest top to a knitted jumper for the evening - We finished the day with my favourite cuisine- authentic Thai food!

Friday, 20 April 2012

home sweet home

Finally back in my hometown Leicester after working in London for the past 9 months, It has currently been 3 days since moving back up.. and I can officially say I am not used to the quiet life.
Apart from the weather being very miserable, I have found that moving from a city to a smaller town is a huge life change, I desperately need to find a job to keep me busy; So far I have been helping out at home with house chores, decorating, shuffling my wardrobe (too much clothes so I had exchange rooms with my brother who is currently working in Australia), exercising and job hunting.
The placement I had just finished on only paid for my travel expenses, and so my bank balance is pretty low so I need to start earning and saving as I have just booked a 2 week long trip to Thailand in September, I also need to put aside money for my final year of university and my final collection. I can't wait for Thailand, I have been there once before but this was long ago and I don't remember much of it. All I remember was the heat wave and having to pound on layers of suntan lotion and the amazing beaches and night markets! Having recently brought a book from Amazon "Travel guide to Thailand"- (A very good purchase if your wishing to plan your travels beforehand) The book has amazing visuals, facts and travel essentials. So excited! I can't wait to be in Thailand again!