Sunday, 29 April 2012

tailoring- the boy-ish look

(TOPSHOP unique blazer, Thrifted Sheer draped top, TOPSHOP harem, homemade tie, ASOS chelsea boot)

After doodling around in the Topshop sales rack I had finally found something I was after- a pastel coloured blazer, all the sizes I was hoping to find had all been gone and I was left with the ones that didn't fit. After a few minutes of pondering I had decided to give up and luck hit me in the head- right behind all the beautiful mess of clothes I had found what I had been searching for!
This is one of my favourite looks, I wore everything bar the tie and felt that there was something missing, a piece of accessory. And so I added the tie- I think it makes a huge difference, it adds a hint of colour at the top to make the bottom part more balanced, if that makes sense.


Laura-May said...

at the first time i'm really afraid, and i had take 30minutes to put them. Now it's really easy :o

erica marie said...

Cute blazer, love the way you styled it.

xo erica

Em :) said...

Cute jacket ♥

NaNa said...

really lovely blazer , lovin the cuts ;p also we use a cannon 450D its quite an old model but still beats iPhone =D

love from the NANA girls XOXO

lucillejoy said...

I absolutely adore this look, such a great blazer! Definitely following you as of now!