Thursday, 30 September 2010

topshop lovers

Whoever is a huge Topshop fan will know that Topshop is launching a one-off 20% Sale on EVERYTHING for 1-2 days in different parts of the UK.Yes. Prepare your wallets ladies.EVERYTHING is on sale!

Needless to say, I have this special day written down in my diary along with the pretty things I want to have my hands on, let me share this with you! Its just a few peices i need in my wardrobe, its not suppose to be matching just things i need. Whats on your shopping list?

Kisses, Winnie

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bye bye Victoria

Another part of my vacation was at Vancouver and Vancouver islands (also known as Victoria), a little city full of seafood and great people. I literally had seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also spent the day at a rainforest, and dealt with my fear with heights on the well known Capilano suspension bridge (450 feet (137m) long and 230 feet (70m) high) made of reinforced steel. That day I saw zero wildlife but had encountered so many tall and very old trees (Some about 1300 years old). Overall, my trip in Vancouver and Victoria was very pleasant with the company of good people.

P.S The Ding dong (doraemon) cake wasnt as yummy as it looked.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Holiday blues

Hello guys and girls, I’m finally back from my 2 weeks holiday from L.A and Vancouver and I can’t believe the 2 weeks have gone past so sudden. Part from the hours and hours of travelling, I have visited major parts of L.A including Beverly Hills, Universal studios and done all the other touristy stuff including the visit to China town and the famous old town Pasadena a fellow blogger had told me about, you know who you are so thank you :) Not forgetting the time I enjoyed shopping in Forever 21, my match made in heaven, I can’t express how much fun I had in that store apart from that I had emptied my wallet out in less than 2 hours. Why isn’t there a F21 in the UK?!(Pictures of what I brought will be put up in another post).
I’m currently in a sad post-holiday mood (hence the title), missing the sun, heat, amazing food and people; it doesn’t help having to arrive at Heathrow airport with which I was greeted with grunts and snorts.
So my vacation to L.A had gone amazingly fast, I had seen my first ever 7 layered chocolate cake, experienced the nightlife in Las Vegas (No gambling involved seeing as am under-aged), tried and tasted a burrito made by a real Mexican, bantered with the market ladies, screamed my lungs out in the house of horrors in universal studios, heard of a fried Twinkie and fried cheesecake, went to my first ever Denny’s, brought my first ever Abercrombie and Fitch item, learnt that bubble tea is actually called boba tea which sounds way cooler, purchased many ‘I heart L.A’ tee’s as easy souvenirs for friends, Brought too many fridge magnets (I’m going to start collecting each time I go abroad) and gained a pound. Thats all for now, i hope everyone is all dandy :) kisses, Winnie