Friday, 20 April 2012

home sweet home

Finally back in my hometown Leicester after working in London for the past 9 months, It has currently been 3 days since moving back up.. and I can officially say I am not used to the quiet life.
Apart from the weather being very miserable, I have found that moving from a city to a smaller town is a huge life change, I desperately need to find a job to keep me busy; So far I have been helping out at home with house chores, decorating, shuffling my wardrobe (too much clothes so I had exchange rooms with my brother who is currently working in Australia), exercising and job hunting.
The placement I had just finished on only paid for my travel expenses, and so my bank balance is pretty low so I need to start earning and saving as I have just booked a 2 week long trip to Thailand in September, I also need to put aside money for my final year of university and my final collection. I can't wait for Thailand, I have been there once before but this was long ago and I don't remember much of it. All I remember was the heat wave and having to pound on layers of suntan lotion and the amazing beaches and night markets! Having recently brought a book from Amazon "Travel guide to Thailand"- (A very good purchase if your wishing to plan your travels beforehand) The book has amazing visuals, facts and travel essentials. So excited! I can't wait to be in Thailand again!

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