Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Burlesque themed corset, I designed and completed this for part of my foundation course; with inspirations from ‘Marie Antoinette’ and historical garments I came to form a highly ornamented and lavish corset. I used a combination of Satin and lace trimmings and a mix of decorative beads, and for the ruched shoulder pads, I had used beads, buttons and lace giving a luxuriant pile effect and an enhanced femininity.
The colour palette includes soft pastel shades of crème, white, silver and gold.
The silhouette is very stiff because of the boning, very difficult to sew into!
Hope you all like it? (click on the pictures for a larger view)

Xxx Winnie


vdcouture said...

you're awesome, envy youuu!!


rina drmgne said...

whoa! I can not believe you made it all by myself!
Beautiful! I can not wait to see the results after you're done!
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(re: my hamsters)

v [ hobovogue ] said...

omygosh looks so complex! but beautiful :)

<33 [v] hobovogue

DEEvona's diary said...

hey,r u majoring on fashion too? SAME!! ^^ where do u study? i'm studying on Raffles Design Institute - Malaysia..
oh,anw.. thx for leaving comment on my post,dear..
i've followed u,mind to follow me back 'n exchange link?
thank youu... =)


Krystal said...


Kenya said...

this is the first time I see your blog, it's really nice! I love the pictures and the "can't get enough" list, it's similar to mine

yoli said...

like it!

Alice said...

Wow Winnie! This is really nice! I love itttt! :)