Monday, 18 October 2010

Japanese Fashion

I made my way down to London on Friday and headed to Mayfair to do a little research on Rick Owens store for one of the projects I am doing on my Fashion course, As well as this, I had accompanied a friend to the Barbican art gallery for an exhibition on Japanese fashion!
The exhibition hosted work from visionaries such as Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakuba and Yohji Yamamoto, With two Levels to this exhibition, it explores the characteristics which have come to define fashion from Japan.
The exhibition was divided into different sections with semi-sheer white fabric; There was much fashion and art to see but it was a little dissapointing not to be able to take photographs however I had managed to snap up a few of my favourites before being told.
I really like the cream embellished dress with deconstructed tailoring, if i remember correctly, I think it was the works of Issey Miyaki.

Above image; Tao Kurihara/Tao Comme des Garçons autumn/winter 2009 Photo: BEN HASSETT

Above Collection by Issey Miyake. Who is internationally recognised as one of the most innovative clothing designers today, He is known for reinterpreting traditional japanese garments as well as his technical and material innovation.
In the Image above features Miyake's most popular and accessible collections -Pleats.

"In Praise of Shadows" Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons, A/W 2009-2010.
The row of collection here features assymetric, deconstructed garments which was heat pressed to create these amazing pleats and shapes, these garments exemplify the power and versatility of black which was first demonstrated by Pioneering designers Kawakubo and Yamamoto.


Anonymous said...

Oh was this at the Barbican?
i want to go there over the holidays
it looks really good

vdcouture said...

nice one <3


Lily Riani said...

i like Tao Kurihara/Tao Comme des Garçons autumn/winter 2009 collection, somehow it look fun and chic and funky all at the same time.

Krystal said...

i would love to see something like that in person!

DEEvona's diary said...

hi, dear! thx for ur comment on my previous post..
'n yes, Singapore has Universal Studio.. it's been a while actually.. :) but unfortunately its not as great as the one in Florida.. but still fun though!hahaa..
anw nice post u have here! :)


*ps : ur advice is needed (refers to my new post *wink)

Robbie said...

This exhibit looks incredible, I especially love the extrovert dresses.
Thanks for you comment, would love you to follow. You have a great blog, now following.


A Little Brighter said...

Thanks so much for yor comment! I love the pleats collection and how he has traditional elements! It's what really sets fashion designers apart :D
I was obessesed with Harajuku fashion when I was younger so it is nice seeing a post on the more sophisticated side too!
Lovely blog!!

Ayesha x