Thursday, 18 November 2010

Design research boards-Rick Owens

Just below are some of the work I had done with my group on Rick Owens an avant garde designer, We researched into some of his past and current collections in stores and on the runway, his competitors, his past and present, his inspirations taken from his work and his stores across the globe.

Group work was great fun because we were able to discuss our different opinions and reach an end solution, it was also definitely less work and pressure! We also managed to get a 2.1 for the first half of our project which i'm happy about!

For the second half of our project we are working by ourselves and we are asked to create our collection based on Rick Owens, pretty difficult seeing as his collections are very unique! I find that the style of his collections keep within the grungy yet glamourous look, very symmetrical, alot of layers and alot of monochromatic colours! especially black and white with a lot of drape and good quality fabric.


Krystal said...

these are so interesting and fun to look at!

Miles Of Style said...

so awesome and very interesting indeed!