Thursday, 16 December 2010

One big trend for S/S '11

I think I am over the festive christmas season and very excited about the coming summer! Bold, Playful colours will be popular along with the whole 70's glam vibe-Think Jerry Hall and Studio 54! No more camel tones and bring on the Khaki's and brights. Expect to see a lot of colour, florals and accessories.

Christopher Kanes S/S 11' Collection with neon oranges, pinks, greens and yellows saturating his entire coll.
Topshops unique 70's Luxe collection, Burnt celementine, fleshy peach and nude prints with frazzled pink hair. I am SO lusting after this collection!


Lynzy said...

I am adoring the 70's vibe look for the spring!

xo Lynzy

Miles Of Style said...

wow...topshop's luxe collection is to die for!

ching said...

wooow. these collections are bold.

Jess said...

Thank you for your comment lovely. Im following you from now :D

Anonymous said...

wow, these are really nice :]
thank-you for the comment,
it's only a canon powershot digital camera and I use mostly iphoto, picnik and :]

Hope Adela said...

i LOOOVE topshop's collections! thank you for sharing with us! =)