Sunday, 4 July 2010

Current S/S 2010 Trends

As much as I love Fridays and Saturdays with my work friends, it seems to be lacking that little something. And that something is shopping. However I am making my way to London in the early morning tomorrow to spend that little bit extra (summer clothing and what ever tickles my fancy seeing as VAT is rising to a whopping 20% from 17.5%)…I think we all need a little bit of TLC before January kicks in!
I am planning to go Tro
codero as I love the place so much! Previous time I went was about a year ago and I just couldn’t bring myself to leave, for those of you who aren’t familiar, Trocodero is like a huge playground full of games and fun things to do! Like Dance mats, and the Para Para machine (at least that’s what I think it is called- it’s similar to the dance mats but instead you use your arms). I am also planning to go Covent Garden, I love the waffles they make there on the stands, has anyone tried them? Oh and urban outfitters, Topshop on Oxford street, the huge toy shop Hamlets, Harrods for peek at the Louis Vuitton, China town for BUBBLE TEA!!… And many more…ooh I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for it! I will definitely post some pictures up of the day for you.

But for now; here are some images of current S/S 2010 Trends I found on WGSN and have
put together.

P.S Thanks for reading and following! xxx

; Bring rural aesthetics into a new urban territory. Employ authentic workwear details and finishings to create reliable utilitarian functionality. Look to the American countercultures of the 70's and 90's to inform a rugged, subversive aesthetic with a patched-together, raw appeal. Makeshift shack florals add a pretty, homespun edge to this true casualwear story.

; Print drives this high-summer story, in which fabric, apparel and details are used in mismatching combinations. Apply an African approach to styling, mixing vivid texture, pattern, active fabrics and details with a vivaciou femininity.


Mila said...

In actually like all the current trends!

Beth Ruby said...

Ah I love all of these trends!
Fab post and have fun shopping in London.
I'm going for a shopping day trip there with friends on Thursday and we are hitting up Westfields and Topshop so let me know if you find any good buys! :D

Jonna said...

Lovely colours! x

Anonymous said...

i like ur post :)x

come to upworld soon :)
and u can follow if you

Haute Californian said...

i love this! it's amazing how you covered runway trends and the influences. absolutely fabulous!
check me out!

Tom said...

Hi...very nice and cool blog. Like it!

Two Girls, One Closet said...

love the collages :)

ps. check out, were new:)