Thursday, 8 July 2010

London 2010 July

Hey bloggers! My trip to London was tiring but fun, and involved a lot of food and not enough shopping. Who said One day would be enough to visit all the places?? After a 2 and a half hour journey my friends and I went to China town to eat, we had some very yummy dim sum and straight after we set off to LPSC, It is definitely one of the best places in the UK for photo sticker machines as it offered a variety of styles and layouts- I think we spent a majority of 1/4h of our precious time in there.

Nevertheless we had an awesome time; here’s a picture just to verify how awesome it was.

I couldn’t get over how amazing the photo stickers turned out, the fun part was being able to edit and decorate every single one of them with cute flowers and bows and pretty much anything you wanted! I couldn’t resist taking one with my boyfriend. Looking back at the photo has made me realise he is actually more adorable looking than me. *cringe*

While I haven’t actually indulged in buying any clothes in London (Needed to pay for rent) I did however do a little bit of internet shopping on ASOS and EBAY the day prior to London.

I settled for a floral sheered look v-neck dress that fits just above the knee and A woven smock button through dress, along with a French connection belt that would help develop the look. (Outfit post will be coming soon)… But for now, here are some pictures taken by my friend of us in London. (Thats me on the far left!)


DKFS said...

Great photos I also like London a lot :P

michelle_ said...

thanks for sharing love !

thank you very much for your comments !

Mary Jane Girl said...

you are much cuter than your boyfriend! silly!