Thursday, 1 July 2010

Zara A/W 2010

As I have mentioned in my previous post I have finished my first year of university (hallelujah!!), My every day schedule for the past couple of weeks comprise of the world cup on my comfy couch (very sad that Japan didn’t make it through), internet shopping, sleep, work, sleep, More internet shopping, work and ongoing…

It’s repetitive but I do hope to get a little out of this summer, for example

1. Passing my driving test- My instructor said a few more lessons on roundabouts and I will be ready for the big t-e-s-t. *fingers crossed*

2. Finding work experience in a tailoring shop- this should help me build up on my pattern cutting skills and finally…

3. Finishing off this dress on my sewing machine, yes, I will happily show you it once it’s complete and worthy of looking at!

4. ….

I will update this once I figure out the rest…

The project lasted a whole second semester (about a couple of months) and consisted of designing, in-depth research on current a/w 2010 trends and research into the clothing brand I had been given.
From the research I had on the brand, upcoming trends... I had to design a clothing range suitable for menswear (daywear), womanswear (daywear) and knitwear (also daywear). In order to get the best out of my design development I had to sourse a collection of fabrics and trimmings that would be suitable for the final garment and trend that I will be designing.

These are the scraps of fabrics leftover from what I used for my fabric board, the thing with bits and pieces of fabric is that the room ended up with loose and chaotic threads everywhere that I found very tricky to clean.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite designs I picked out! I have uploaded the images onto photo bucket as a slideshow because I think it will be a lot easier to view, please have a look!

VERY Zara like! Wouldn’t you agree? Despite the tiring days and huge black eye bags, I am very happy about the overall package of my menswear design collection that fused together skinny jeans (very punky like)- the biker jackets that were currently in the store merged in with this.

And I tried keeping the colours cohesive in the woman swear, I used a lot of chequered fabric as I thought this would mix in well with the trend that I was focusing on (Long live the Queen- found on WGSN). I also used a mixture of black, white, khaki and touch of neutrals going a little risky with lace and satin. My woman swear compilation consisted of oversized harem pants, Mac trench coats giving hints of a Parisian look with strong tailoring.

Let me know what you think! xxx


VanilahFashion said...

Lovely inspirations :)
And good luck with your driving test! I got mine 3 weeks agom you'll be fine
Have a good summer!
Vanilah xx

Kei Kei said...

TY for following me. I love your concept and drawings. I love Zara too! ^___^ xoxo

The Pretty Club said...

cute blog, love the drawing!

Harleen A. David said...

I like your design! I have a great "like" towards outerwear and I can see you design it well :D :D Would love to wear them! btw, thanks for your comment on my blog ;)

It's so great you're studying in Fashion! I would love to get involve in that field more than anyone could imagine! lol! Where are you from btw? :D


Eleanor said...

Love the trenches you desgined :D And the shorts with braces / dungaree shorts are brilliant :):)
You're wonderful! :D XX

. said...

gostei do seu blog vou segui lo

ABIGAIL NY said...

those designs are amazing!...your really talented, great menswear looks...i know what you mean by tired black eyes from getting sketches down!...great blog!
your new follower!
visit, comment and please follow if you like it :)