Friday, 16 July 2010

Happy graduation!!

Hi everyone! I’m very sorry for not posting! But I have a very good reason why, it was my bf’s brother’s graduation and it turned out to be a very good day considering the fact that the weather was a little blue.

On the day I wore a light beige French connection dress with big bold shoulder frills along with dark beige sandals. I was taking into account the amount of walking and photo taking I had to do, so heels wasn’t a good alternative to go for!

Anyway, I know there must be many of you who are soon to be graduating or have graduated this month, or know someone who is graduating! So congratulations!

P.S Sorry for the lack of photos! I will be posting more soon



meggasus said...

What great photos! I love graduations :)

btw, that dress looks stunning!

Beth Ruby said...

Aw looks like so much fun!
And congrats ot your bf's brother :)
You look stunning btw, LOVE that French Connection dress (I saw it today in the shop but couldnt afford it unfortunately haha)

Harleen David said...

I love graduation ceremony :)
And awww you look so cute in that dress...

Greets from Malaysia ;)


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Thanks for the comment.
Like your outfit in these photos!!!

Persis Shah said...

lovely pictures!

let's follow each other? =)